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DIY Skin Whitening Cream to Get Clear & Spotless Skin

DIY Skin Whitening Cream to Get Clear & Spotless Skin

Skin Whitening & Skin Glow Cream for All Types of Skin

All women are crazy about looking attractive. For this, they always want to brighten and whiten their skin first. To whiten their skin and to make their skin naturally glowing, they always keep on looking for the cost-effective and quick solutions. In the video below, I am going to share with you a simple method to make DIY skin whitening cream at home. The use of this cream helps you get clear, fair and spotless beauty.

How to Get Spotless, Fairer & Glowing Skin Fast

Black gram lentil
Vitamin E oil
Aloe vera gel

Keep black gram lentil, and keep it soaked in water for four to five hours.
Now, take four to five almonds and three to four cashews.
Peel off almonds. Now, grind all the ingredients together, and make a mix.
Now, strain this, and get the liquid extract.
In it, add half tbsp of Vitamin E oil, and make a creamy mix.
After this, you will get the best cream ready for use.
In this cream, add two tbsp of aloe vera gel, and half tbsp of glycerin.
Now, mix the ingredients well again.
Next, you will get the best DIY skin whitening cream ready for use.
How to Use:

Use the cream daily. Massage with it at night before sleeping. You can use it during daytime too.

This DIY skin whitening cream works for all skin types. It is safe as it is 100% natural. So, if your skin tone is dark, do not worry. Make and use this whitening formula, and have fair, bright and a glowing skin.

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